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The Hottest Apps for POS Right Now

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Implementing a POS system can bring significant benefits to your hospitality business. Not only can it help you automate and streamline your daily processes, such as inventory and customer management, but it can also provide you with detailed sales reports and analytics.  

With the help of a speedy and reliable POS system, you can save time at the till and focus on providing your customers with excellent customer service.

But quality POS systems can now make doing business even easier by enabling integrations with some of your other hospitality apps, such as ordering ahead apps, table reservation apps, and more.

Here are what we judge to be the hottest apps for POS. Take a look at their benefits and how they can help you take your business to a whole new level.

1. Clipp

Clipp is a mobile payments solution that helps run your venue smoothly. It allows your customers to pay seamlessly with their mobile phones, making purchases even easier.

Clipp also enables your customers to use their mobile phones to open and close bar tabs, which leads to shorter queues and a much faster customer service. Naturally, that gives you time to serve more customers – and keep everyone satisfied in the meantime!

Clipp also offers amazing rewards in the form of promotions and exclusive deals, so your customers can save up to 40% off their bills.

2. Menulog

Menulog is Australia’s largest online takeaway platform that has over 8000 restaurant partners. Integrated with Impos, it can help you increase your sales and extend your restaurant’s reach, as it is perfect for marketing your products and reaching out to your target audience.

Your customers can find your restaurant with Menulog and choose items to add to their orders, which are automatically relayed to your POS.

Your customers can easily pay for their food with cash or credit cards and they can either pick up their orders or get home delivery. With such simplicity of use and increased speed of service, you’re bound to have happy customers who will always come back for more.

3. Mobi2Go

Mobi2Go is a platform for restaurant and café online ordering that can provide your customers with an excellent online ordering experience.

They can make orders via the mobile app, your website or your Facebook page. With such convenience, Mobi2Go can reduce in-store wait times and inspire customer loyalty, helping you greatly increase your revenue and bring in a lot more customers.

The orders go straight to your POS, which greatly eliminates potential errors when taking orders and creating manual entries.

Mobi2Go integrates with the Impos POS system using middleware software, Doshii, which allows you to connect to a number of other apps and, thus, run your hospitality business more efficiently.

These apps will certainly help you improve your hospitality business, so make sure you explore them further to learn more about their benefits.

Third-party integrations are just one of the essential features of a POS system. Download our Impos Feature Checklist today to ensure you have the best POS for your venue.