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The Benefits of Impos Kiosk

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With ongoing Covid restrictions and lockdowns not going away any time soon, Impos has recently launched with Impos Kiosk, a self-service contactless ordering solution, suitable for dine-in and takeaway.

While the right point of sale system is key, in this ever-changing world of hospitality it’s become equally important to have the right hardware for your business that can streamline your day-to-day operations to facilitate growth. With so many options now in market, it can be challenging to decipher which are the best options to suit your venue’s needs.

The main benefits of Impos Kiosk;

  • INCREASE SALES – Kiosk can increase revenue by up to 30%
  • UPSELL AND CROSS-SELL – Kiosk provides a visual menu with pairing suggestions
  • SPEED OF SERVICE – Kiosk can be deployed in any setting from fast food takeaway, dine in and order at table, to a busy bar environment
  • SAVE MONEY ON LABOR – Kiosk allows for a reduction in floor staff
  • DECREASE WAIT TIMES – Kiosk helps minimise wait times by letting customers build their order, send it to the kitchen, and pay, all in a few taps
  • ENHANCE ORDER ACCURACY – Kiosk guarantees the margin for error for orders decreases significantly

This new functionality within your Impos point of sale system is a self-ordering kiosk, designed to provide a seamless customer experience while freeing up staff for more valuable and profitable customer interactions.

  • All sales are available for reporting through Impos reports
  • All orders go straight to the production printers
  • Sales can be broken down per Kiosk, allowing you to drilldown on different areas within your venue
  • Runs on any device, including iPads and Android tablets. You provide the hardware which customers use, rather than their own personal devices
  • Menu changes are real time and take effect immediately, allowing you to add and remove items on the go
  • Dine-in and takeaway contactless ordering
  • Customised menus
  • Seamless personalised customer experience
  • Frees up staff to focus on the customer experience
  • Increases average spend and profitability
  • Dynamic upsells and cross-sell
  • Reduce labour costs

Impos Kiosk promises to revolutionise your venue, and guarantees increased sales and reduce costs.