About Impos POS Systems & Services

Impos provides point of sale solutions to the hospitality industry to ensure the success of a range of venue types.

The beginnings

The beginnings

Impos has been developing point of sale systems since October 2005. Founder and CEO Sean O’Meara identified the need for a fast, robust and powerful POS system that addressed the needs of the fast growing nightclub scene.

In the past decade, Melbourne-based Impos has grown to become the leading POS provider to the Australian hospitality industry.

Where are we now

Impos is currently installed in more than 2,500 hospitality venues across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With offices in all major Australian capital cities, Impos has a dedicated team of professionals helping venues thrive.

Twenty three of Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants, 50% of award-winning bars, industry-leading cafes and a number of wineries choose Impos’ point of sale system to help manage their busy venues including:


Top Paddock

Auction Rooms

Bulletin Place

Black Pearl


Toby’s Estate

Domaine Chandon

Our Support

Impos’ customer support is the best in the business. Our Melbourne-based Support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call.

The average call waiting time is less than two minutes, so you can be assured you’ll never be stuck in a busy lunch rush with a non-working system again.

Impos Leadership Team

  • Andrew PaynterAndrew Paynter
  • Annie WintonAnnie Winton
    Head of Marketing
  • Dexter PooleDexter Poole
    Head of Service Delivery
  • Prithu ParkerPrithu Parker
    Lead Developer
  • Heath FraserHeath Fraser
    National Sales Manager
  • Sari TedjasukmanaSari Tedjasukmana
    Finance Lead
  • Gracelee GreskieGracelee Greskie
    Customer Concierge Lead

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